Dayna Davis – Poet

dayna-01Poet Dayna Davis from Cortez Island, was asked an intriguing question while she was at the Ashram for an Artist Retreat—

People asked me, “Oh, you live on Cortez? It’s just as beautiful as the Ashram. Why would you come here for your artist retreat?” I knew it was something else I was coming for: the intention of what’s being held here—to wake up from our patterns, to look deeply at ourselves. Everyone is working on this and you can’t help but be affected by it.

I realized that I wasn’t strong enough to do it on my own and this was a very big realization. I also knew that I needed other people who had the same orientation to help me move towards this in my daily life.

The yoga practices here focus on integration of mind and the body. Having an everyday reminder freed up my creative mind and helped dissolve what was blocking me from being creative, fully alive and connected to source. When you are reflecting on your mind and you are going deeply into your body with these practices — chanting, stilling the mind—then your unconscious is going to become clearer and be inspired by this. For me as a poet, and beginner painter, it was very rich.

Small Bridge
Quiet and still
in the green light
of my morning practice
a small bridge
arches over a stream.


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