The Camera Speaks

ydc-afterA new program addition to the YDC this year revealed the transformative power of the course in a unique way. The Ashram’s photographer-communicator Amy Allcock captured participants in before-and-after photographs that speak for themselves.

Amy reflects on her project initiative. “During the YDC, transformation occurs on multiple levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – and it raises interesting questions for me as a photographer: Does the inner change that happens also appear externally? What is the nature of the observable changes? How does transformation manifest or present itself?” To explore these questions, she photographed participants during the first week of the course and again in the final week.

Her take on the experiment? “The camera certainly picks up the changes. There is a new lightness in everyone. It is reflected mostly in the eyes.” Amy presented an overview of the project in a fascinating Lunch-and-Learn at the Ashram.

See for yourself by clicking on each photograph in the panel above. You’ll learn more about the project and view the before-and-after sets of photos of sixteen participants who agreed to have their photos posted online. We can all celebrate this renewed Light going out into the world!


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