Partners Embrace the YDC

nicole-seanWhat happens when your partner decides to take the Yoga Development Course (YDC)? Sean Britt shares his recent experience when his wife, Nicole, came to the Ashram for three months.

The Yoga Development Course was a dream of Nicole’s and I supported her participation.

After the first month I visited her at the Ashram and recognized there was a purpose here for me as well. I was open to the teachings and found they helped me with my work situation. I also started going inward, reflecting and taking a look at what our relationship means to me.

In the second month, I came back to the Ashram for the Relaxation Retreat, which opened me up to ways I could improve and love myself more. So it’s been a three-month course for me, too, with a lot more self-reflection than I could ever have imagined.

Many people might feel threatened if their partner decides to take the YDC. But my experience is that when you spend time apart, you actually grow closer together. You begin to recognize what’s missing when that person is not in your life and to value your partner even more.

If anyone out there is questioning whether this will work for you, I would say just embrace it fully. It will bring unexpected and wonderful outcomes.


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