Holly Blazina – Musician

holly-2Flamenco guitarist Holly Blazina came to the Ashram at Christmas with the intention of integrating her musical practice with her spiritual practice. Besides working on her music, she participated in a Renewing in the Light retreat and daily Karma Yoga.

With the Karma Yoga and retreat I had tremendous insights that were really helpful for me. I thought of pushing certain issues away while here, but wonderfully they raised themselves and provided insight that I can take back into the world.

I was happy to share my love of the Flamenco tradition in a “Lunch and Learn” session and to offer a new musical composition at satsang.

Performing music in a spiritual environment is completely different from just giving a performance. The idea of actually doing my musical practice as an offering to the Divine came to me during the Renewal in the Light retreat. A delicious piece came up. Now I want to offer my musical practice as part of my spiritual practice. This has really made itself clear in my time here.

To get a taste of Holly’s music visit www.hollyblazina.com

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