A Healing Headstand

mike-wou-01Michael Wou, Ashram friend and brand designer, recently attended the Yoga of Healing Retreat. In Montreal, Michael was under the stress of caring for his wife, who had been very ill, looking after his kids, his business and communicating to extended family and friends. During the retreat, he realized that his understanding of healing needs to change.

I am always surprised what I learn at the Ashram because it turns things upside down. In the retreat I realized I had the idea of healing all backwards! I thought if I took care of everyone else and they were fine, then I would be fine.

Instead I learned that I need to take care of myself first so I can be a better caregiver. It is about making space for myself and understanding that everything will be okay if I trust in life and the Light. In making that space, I am taken care of and everything falls where it should.

The environment and support here is incredible and so very healing. I felt like the whole Ashram conspired to help me. It is difficult to explain, but when you are here you know it. I’m walking out so full of answers and Light.



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