Checking in with the Yoga Development Course – What is emerging?

ydc-updateThe YDC group is now six weeks into their personal journey through a series of workshops. We asked two participants, Rubina Jamal and Amy Allcock, “What is significant for you at the end of your first six weeks?”

Rubina Jamal, Vancouver

“I’ve discovered an awareness of the quality of my experience when I put my whole heart into what I do. This focus on my whole heart has shown me where the negative voices are in my life, where I hold back. My victories are those moments where my whole heart is present – no matter the outcome – versus the traditional and conventional success checklist. I sense my opportunity to move forward lies in being aware of and understanding my willingness – and moments of reluctance – to bring my whole heart to all that I do.”

Amy Allcock, Ottawa

“At a certain moment, I realized that the value I place on my practical masculine qualities such as intellect, organization, etc. had essentially suppressed the gift of my feminine qualities. As I allow receptivity, openness, intuition, patience, trust and acceptance to enter, my experience has shifted to one where I want to honour what comes up and not judge it. An example of this has been my experience with Sacred Dance. When I approach Sacred Dance from a logical, mind- place, the experience is not fulfilling. But when I am open and receptive, my experience flows and I enjoy it! I am discovering a different way to be in the world.”

If you’d like to take 3 months to concentrate on your development, sign up for the 2014 YDC scheduled for January 8th – April 8, 2014.


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